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Investing in a new county can be a bit of a worry for many, as the process may seem a bit alien. Rest assured, when you choose to buy a property in Turkey, Vision Estate Agent will be at hand every step of the way, to make the whole process completely stress free. Once the whole thing is broken down you can see that indeed it really is a very simple process.  Most importantly, we want our customers to feel comfortable and secure.


A member of Visions sales team can pick you up and show you around the location you have chosen and the surrounding area, so that you will have a clearer understanding of what types of properties are in each area. We can then bring you back to the office and discuss suitable properties that are on our portfolio. There is no pressure or hard sell.


When you have chosen the perfect property, and agreed a price, the next step is to pay a deposit and at the same time sign a sales contract.

The agreement /contract will be in both English and Turkish.  Two copies are issued, one for the seller and one for yourself.  All that is needed at this stage is a copy of your passport. The agreements, once signed, will be legally binding. 

Vision will now assist, if you wish, with opening a bank account and obtaining a tax number.  We can also offer additional help such as furniture, curtain and white goods shopping if required.


Full payment will be made as per terms and conditions of the agreement, however this is normally upon receiving your Tapu (deeds giving ownership of the property)

Once we help you apply for your tapu, you will then need to pay all government taxes related to the buying your property and any commissions agreed.

Unless you give someone ‘Power of Attorney’,  you will need to be present for the tapu application and its collection, a few hours later.. Both buyer and seller will meet at the tapu office (Title deeds office) were the official transfer will take place. A legal translator will also be present.

This whole process can normally be carried out in a day or two. 

Required Documentation.

When buying you will need a passport, Turkish tax number, 2 Photos and proof of address in your home country for example an old utility bill.  

Here at Vision we have long term market knowledge coupled with an understanding of both European and Turkish culture. We have a modern company structure with a multilingual team , who demonstrate a professional work ethic at all times. Our data base is current and we guarantee our clients an excellent standart of personal service.We believe our years of experience have made us big enough to offer you a broad range of properties and related services, yet small enough to offer a personalised service that is right for you.