Vision Consultancy provides specialist services for investors.Our research and hands on knowledge of the Turkish marketplace are unrivalled which means we are often aware of opportunities before they become known to the market.

  We are an experienced, professionaland multi-disciplinary team providing commercially focused advice and delivery.We are able to deal comprehensively with matters covering acquisitions, due diligences, political negotiations,management, risk management and quality control.

  With sound knowledge of the macro and micro-economic positions of the Turkish property market , we are able to provide real expertise in a number of areas including, residential development , office, hotel,retail or industrial investments.

  Vision Consultancy has specialist expertise in the following areas:

.    Research 
.    Property Development 
.    Project Design Solutions 
.    Construction
.    Planning Applications and Negotiations
.    Strategic Planning and Project Management 
.    Political and Community Consultations
.    Legal Advice 
.    Marketing and Delivery
.    Structuring Projects for the Turkish Market

    If you like to meet us to discuss how Vision Consultancy can assist you with your project development , research or marketing, please call.