Why İnvest in Turkey Property

Turkey is the latest property investor’s hot spot. Low prices, possible inclusion in the EU and a strong economy make it one of the best property investment areas at this time.
  • The Turkish economy is very strong with 5.5% GDP growth in 2005
  • Stunning beaches and climate make it a very popular holiday destination
  • Turkish summers are a lot longer than many other EU destinations offering more hours of sunshine per annum
  • Turkey has a huge population of 70 million. This creates a strong internal property market meaning investors are not reliant on international investors for resale.
  • Turkish population growth is around 2% per annum with 70% of the population younger than 30, this creates a strong local market
  • Over 25 million tourists visit Turkey each year boosting the property market and creating strong buy-to-let possibilities
  • Low cost of living and long summers make it a favourite retirement spot for the Europeans
  • Turkey is considered to be a highly dynamic country by the World Trade organisation

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