سعر البيع : € 445000
  النوع : House
  المدينة : AYDIN
  استحقاقات :
  المساحة الفعلية : 197
  الحمامات : 3
  غرف النوم : 4
  غرف : 5


The Infinity Villas Project is located on the hillside at the back of the Ladies Beach area in Kuşadası, 10 minutes’ drive from the town center.

The villas face the bay called Ladies Beach and Samos Island.

The area where the Project is located is mainly preferred for summer houses in the form of villas and sought after by the quality construction companies recently.

It is possible to get to the town center from the Project Site via 2 different routes. If the route from the Industrial Area junction is taken, it takes about 10 minutes to get to the town center without being held by the traffic via the orbital road where supermarkets and other stores are located  by the roadside. If the route via Ladies Beach and the shoreline is preferred, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the town centre through the city line with sea and Güvercianada view.

The closest distance to the shore from the Project Site is about 5 km and it is possible to the cook waters of the Aegean Sea either by car or on foot. In addition, it is possible to get to the town centre within 10 minutes via the orbital road without getting stuck at the traffic, also taking advantage of the Malls and stores around.

The Infinity Villas are built in the same concept although there are two different building sites on “S” and “L” shaped parcels of land.


1 detached villa (total of 195 m2) special design

1 semi-dateached villa (total of 197 m2) special design

6 semi-detached villas, with each domicile being 300 m2

It is a single row compound consisting of 8 domiciles. The swimming pool is for common use and the area behind the buildings will be prepared as concept gardens.

Each domicile will have 1 car park inside the garden. Those who own more than 1 car will be able to park in the street.

Half of the villas in the S shaped parcel of land have a sea view at the ground floor and the other half will have a sea view from the upper grounds.

The semi-detached villas have a terrace on the roof and one for sunbathing. In addition, there will be a private bath on the roof which will be included in the project via the 30 m2 extra space of storage.



4 detached villas (each with a total of 450 mincluding the basement)

2 semi-detached villas (each with a total of 360 m2 including the basement)

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وسائل الراحة الداخلية

  • true  التلفاز  true
  • true  غسالة الأواني  true
  • true  تدفئة  true

وسائل الراحة الخارجية

  • true  شرفة  
  • true  مشواة  true
  • true  مسبح  
  • true  موقف سيارات  true


  • 400 الحافلة:  400m
  • 700 المطاعم:  700m
  • 1000 مخبز:  1000m
  • 300 المقاهي:  300m


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