vision turkish properties


Since 15.02.2019. it has been compulsory for property being sold to a foreign purchaser, to have an appraisal (valuation ) This will soon apply to all property sales in Turkey. The report is prepared by two SPK accreditated appraisers. One of them checks the plans and the registry info at the municipality and Tapu office. They visit the property that you are interested in purchasing and all information is then double checked, as well as the valuation and the asking price for the property. 
Here at Vision we have long term market knowledge coupled with an understanding of both European and Turkish culture. We have a modern company structure with a multilingual team , who demonstrate a professional work ethic at all times. Our data base is current and we guarantee our clients an excellent standart of personal service.We believe our years of experience have made us big enough to offer you a broad range of properties and related services, yet small enough to offer a personalised service that is right for you.